The Community Crossover is the creation of a space for 15 youth that will talk about community issues and how we as a youth population face these barriers using arts, especially theatre but exploring creative writing, spoken word, and dance.

In this first phase of the project, the topic will focus on Immigration within the Latino and Somali communities as well as the realities of the Onkwehonwe youth and what immigration means to the original people of the land that we live on.

At the end of the 4 months there is going to be a showcase created and presented by the participants with some assistance of the workshop facilitators, keeping the integrity of what the youth make. At the showcase the youth will present a theatre piece, photo exhibition and a 3 minute video production. The idea is that the project will keep running as a discussion art group exploring community issues and expressing through arts so we can share with the community. Also, young people who complete the first phase will be given printouts of their work that is exhibited and a workshop planning session to seek further funding and determine how to continue the group alive after the funding runs out.

In brief this will be a 4 month project that will bring diverse communities together, with priority given to the Latin American, Somali and Indigenous communities. The theme of the project will be immigration (as seen from 1st and 2nd generation immigrant as well as Indigenous eyes).


– 40 hours of community service (if attendance is consistent)

– hands on workshops on photography, theatre, spoken word, dance & creative writing

– creation and performance of a collective theatrical production
– showcase of a collective video production at Vivacity Showcase of www.uforchange.org

– find creative outlets to deal with frustrations faced by immigrant and indigenous youth & families in Toronto

– one day retreat in Six Nations territory

– targetted support in finding employment and strengthening resumes upon completion of program.

– refreshments and ttc tickets will be provided at program


Thursdays in the Jane & Wilson area
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Starting Feb 27, 2014
INTERESTED STAFF & STUDENTS CAN CONTACT:thecommunitycrossover@gmail.com


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